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Detent Assembly on P40 Control Valves Leave a comment

In this article detent (spool control 8) assembly on P40 control valves was explained. Similar steps can be followed for P80 and P120 valves. Please make sure that working area is clean before start.

End cap of control valve is disassembled with allen key 5.

IMG 2739 1 300x225

Spool control is disassembled. You can use screwdriver or pneumatic drill to dismantle the spring control.

IMG 2742 1 300x225

Detent washer is assembled on spool.

IMG 2744 300x225

Detent is assembled with screwdriver.

IMG 2746 300x225

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End cap is assembled.

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Detent operation is checked by pushing and pulling the lever and should not be too hard or too soft.

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