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Hydraulic mini power units are compact systems which are created by assembling different components (such as electric motor, pump, oil tank, various blocks and valves) and provide hydraulic energy in the application. Today, these power units are also used for operation of lifts, which provide convenience for disabled and elderly people in buses and minibuses. These lifts can also be activated by rail or worm gear system in different applications. A cassette type disabled lift is shown below:

Wabtec Transit Bus Doors And Accessibility MIRAGE Wheelchair Lift 480x480 1 300x300

Compact, economical and secure mini power units are used to operate the hydraulic cylinders in these lifts.

Engelli Lifti Unitesi 248x300

The unit basically consists of the following components:

  • Electric motor: It provides mechanical energy to the system.
  • Hydraulic pump: It is external gear type and it provides flow to the system.
  • Oil tank: It is the component that stores the fluid, protects it from contamination and helps cooling of the Fluid.
  • Main block: It is manufactured from aluminum material and contains various flow channels.
  • Pressure relief valve: It limits the system pressure and protects it from shock pressures.
  • Flow control valve: It adjusts the descent speed during the downward movement of the disabled lift.
  • Poppet valve: It is a solenoid opereated directional valve and used to lock the cylinder in the lift. It also unloads the pressure when necessary.
  • Hand pump: If there is an electrical failure in the system, it is used to manually lift the system with the help of the arm.

In recent years, the diversity of services for disabled people has been increasing. The design and development of products that provide ease of use for transportation continue rapidly.

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