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As Hydropack Engineering (Production company of Hidros Group), our vision is to become customer focused market leader in production of hydraulic mini power units in Europe. Moving from here, we wanted to share our mini power unit developed for dock levelers.

Dock levelers are used for material loading / unloading in logistics warehouses and customs and can be operated by mechanical or hydraulic systems. These systems act as a bridge between the warehouse and the vehicle, allowing efficient work.

Dock levelers have different designs. Hydraulic cylinders can be single acting or double acting. Our hydraulic mini power unit was developed to provide hydraulic energy to dock levelers. Work is done as following: Pump pressurizes hydraulic oil, pilot operated check valve, pressure sequence valve and logic valve work in harmony to operate the cylinders.Dock Leveler 1 300x300Unique designed central manifold can be used for various applications where both ramp and lip cylinders are single acting or ramp cylinder is single, lip cylinder is double acting – easy for modification with spare parts.

Normally open or normally closed 2/2 cartridge valve for emergency stop can be used according to user request
Flow control valves are available in order to adjust retract speed of ramp and lip cylinders
Electric motor, pump and oil tank specifications can be changed according to user demand.

Dock Leveler Application 1 300x125

“Picture of dock leveler was used for reference purpose only in order to show application of power unit.”

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