VBCDF SE MP/MR Series Single Overcenter Valves

Port sizes: BSP 1/2’’
Max. flow: 50 liter/min
Max. pressure: 350 bar

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Fiyat Teklifi

Overcenter valves have great importance in hydraulic systems and have following features:

Load holding: The overcenter valve prevents the movement of a load when the directional valve is in the neutral position, permitting the use of open center directional valves and negating leakage past the spool of closed center directional valves.

Load control: The overcenter valve prevents the actuator running ahead of the pump due to the load-induced energy, thereby eliminating cavitation in the actuator and loss of control.

Load safety: In the case of hose failure, an overcenter valve mounted onto or into a cylinder will prevent uncontrolled movement of the load. When a cylinder is used in a boom, as in a crane, then hose failure protection is vital as the loss of load control could cause damage to people or property.

These valves are used where there is vital importance in the system.

VBCDF SE MP/MR series are used to control actuator’s movement and block in one direction. They can be assembled on MP/MR series hydraulic motors directly and provide maximum safety.

Code Type Pilot ratio Max. flow
Max. pressure
V0415 VBCDF 1/2” SE OMP-OMR 1:4.5 50 350
V0415/SF VBCDF 1/2” SE OMP-OMR SF 1:4.5 50 350
* Standard setting is 320 bar, suitable for MP/MR series hydraulic motors

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