WE Series Worm Drives

  • Robust enclosed-gearing slewing drive solution equipped for high duty cycle, medium-speed (<2.5 RPM) applications.
  • Ground cylindrical worm from proprietary materials and heat-treating processes for ultimate gear life
  • 6 distinct sizes, up to 25″ bearing diameter
  • From 33.9 kNm up to 310 kNm tilting torque values in different sizes
  • Standard sealing and grease fill
  • Ideal for dust and debris-prone environments
  • Commonly customized
  • Main applications are aerial work platforms and truck cranes

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Fiyat Teklifi

A slewing drive is a ready-to-install unit comprising a ball or roller slewing ring for handling simultaneously occurring axial and radial and tilting moments, hydraulic or electric motor driven product with enclosed housing. Hidros provide slewing drives mainly for mobile equipment, forklift rotators, turntables handling equipment and boom rotating devices.

A quality modern slewing drive includes a sound mounting structure, a slew bearing, rotational movement and power controls to facilitate perfect motion. In operation, the drive converts axial movement (force exerted on an axis) into radial/rotary torque, allowing the rotation of greater loads with more accuracy, while also enabling geared torque amplification.

Code Output torque
Tilting moment
Holding torque
Gear ratio
HP WEA7-47-25H-R 3.5 14.2 20 47:1
HP WE9-62-25H-R 8 33.9 38.7 62:1
HP WE12-79-25H-R 9.5 54.3 43 79:1
HP WE14-86-25H-R 10.8 67.8 48 86:1
HP WE17-104-25H-R 12.96 135.6 72.3 104:1
HP WE21-90-25H-R 28.7 203 105.8 90:1
HP WE25-104-25H-R 34.2 310 158.3 104:1
HP HSE25-94-B-2R 50 60 271 94:1
The worm drives are supplied right-handed mounting, assembly for hydraulic motor with 25 mm keyed shaft and RAL7040 Grey color as standard. Please contact us for other specifications.

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