Massey Ferguson Selector Valve – P510 (2 outlets)

OEM No: P510
Alternative No: SELECTOR VALVE, Oil returns directly into gear box via the valve
Improved version of P480
Advantage: Compact & less pipes

Fiyat Teklifi
Models: This valve is a special directional control for Massey Ferguson Tractors. It is Assembled directly on lift cover and used to change between external and internal hydraulics in tractor.

Massey Ferguson P510 Special Control Valve

~Special directional control valve for Massey Ferguson Tractors

~This Valve is assembled directly on lift cover

~Working ports: G 3/8 ”

~Double acting

~Handle 1 : Ports are plugged, spool control is detent control.This handle is used to change between external and internal hydraulics.

~Handle 2 : Working ports are  G 3/8″. Spool control is spring control,double acting. This handle is to control external hydraulic. (implement/attachment of tractor)

Fitting Instructions of P510 

– Remove the 2 bolts securing the cap on the hydraulic lift cover.Remove cap and detach from standpipe.Ensure that the standpipe is not dislodged from its seat in the hydraulic pump

– Remove the 3 bolts securing the valve to base plate of the P510 selector/control valve. (top of P510 control valve). Separate valve and base section.

– Fit the standpipe into the inlet port of P510 base plate

– Fit the P510 base plate to the lift cover, ensuring that the standpipe is correctly

located into its seat on the hydraulic pump.

– Secure the base plate to the lift cover.

– Secure the P510 control valve to the base plate with the three bolts removed earlier.

Advantage of P510 Valve

– Oil returns from P510directly into Hydraulic lift head.

– For double acting application only 2 pipes and fittings needed.

– For single acting aplications, single acting spool fitted and only one pipe needed.

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